The patented VPND ( virtual private network device ) uses encryption technology, running through an operating system directly into a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, or through a desktop since it is java® powered.
Through any platform, you will be able to "follow" the VPND anywhere in the world, since a GPS locator system is integrated inside the device.

The VPND can be placed anywhere you need. It is as small as a watch and answer to the software call like a cell phone. The VPND transmit then a signal back to the VPND locator software and follow it on a java® applet anywhere in the world if you have internet connection.

You simply place the VPND on the child or in the car (or whatever else) you wish to protect or to follow. When you wish to locate the object via the internet, you go to the secure web site, log in using the phone number used by your VPND, select the VPND you wish to locate, and within minutes the system will determine the position of the VNPD through the GPS Personal Locator Software called by the java® application. Once located, you can view the location on a detailed street map (including the nearest street).

Already used as child and pet protection, cars protection and taxi companies to follow their vehicules.

Size: 3.6cm X 2.9 cm X 1.4cm
Weight: 83 gr.
Input Voltage: 1.5 V
Power: 2.3 watts
Field of View: 45, symmetric
Operating Temperature: 0-45C